Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 21, 2019


1. Please check our new parish website at

2. We will be celebrating the Feast Day of the Divine Savior of the World on August 3 & 4. Everyone who has talent in music and dance are invited to participate. Also, those who have riding horses are invited to join the Cabalgata. Please see the bulletin for more information on the celebration.

3. Everybody is invited to join the novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help every Wednesday starting with a bilingual rosary at 6:30pm and mass at 7pm and individual blessing of the sick after the mass.

4. For all those who did not register their children on CCE, please do so this Sunday at the parish hall.

5. Our parish annual garage sale is going to be on August 10 and 11. We will start accepting donations starting Monday, August 5 until Friday, August 9.

6. The Divine Savior of the World Feast Day committee is taking orders for T-shirts for the celebration. Please stop by the Narthex area. Thank you.

7. The calendar for the Traveling Chalice is now available at the entrance of the Church. The schedule will start in August.

8. Please observe proper dress code when coming to church. Shorts and tank tops are not allowed and men and women are expected to be modest in their attire. Thank you.