Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 18, 2019


1. Bazaar Day is October 13. We are asking donations to cover the first prize of $5,000.00 either in cash or Visa or MasterCard gift cards. Please call the parish office if you would like to make a donation.

2. The 2019 Wedding Anniversary Jubilee Mass honoring couples celebrating their Silver (25th) Anniversary of marriage in the Catholic Church will be held on Sunday, September 22, at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart at 3:00 pm. Please see the bulletin for more details.

3. We are still short by $11,000.00 on our DSF goal. Please send your pledge or you can pick up an envelope in the Narthex area. Thank you.

4. The Catechism Team welcome all parents and students to the 2019-2020 Catechism program. Please see the parish website for the calendar and the parish bulletin for information

5. Please observe proper dress code when coming to church

6. Please check our new parish website at