St. John Neumann Catholic Church

“‘Prayer is God poured into our hearts"

Without doubt, prayer is the most noble, the most glorious function a human being can perform in this world. Prayer confers on us a sublime grandeur. Not only does prayer put us in touch with all that is true, beautiful and holy in heaven and on earth, but it also makes us enjoy God’s friendship, God’s most tender effusions, God’s most intimate secrets. Prayer is God coming down to us when invoked; it is God poured forth, infused into our hearts, to use St. Augustine’s beautiful expression; it is God, our Creator, our Father, our Redeemer, our friend, our brother, who sees us and listens to us, who smiles graciously at our homage and our love. (Scalabrini)

 The church is open for personal prayer from 8:30am to 10:00am, Monday to Friday.

La iglesia permanece abierta de 8:30am a 10:00am, de lunes a viernes para oración personal.

Please call the parish office for a prayer request at 281 -931 -0684

Si tiene alguna solicitud de oración, por favor llame a la oficina.       281-931-0684

Old News / Noticias Antiguas


Apostolado Brasileiro na Arquidiocese de Galveston-Houston

Missa em Portugues: Segundos e Quartos domingos de cada mes as 16:00 horas.

Terço em Portugues: Segundos e Quartos domingos de cada mes as 15:30 horas.

Adoração ao Santíssimo: Todas as Quintas-Feiras 19:30H a 21:00 Horas.

Campaña de Donación de Sangre organizada por los Caballeros de Colón

Blood Drive hosting by Knights of Columbus

Mission Statement

We are a Roman Catholic Community called by the Father in the Spirit, to celebrate our diversity and to be faithful disciples of  Jesus Christ through the Liturgy, Christian Formation, Fellowship and Ministry.

Somos una comunidad Católica Romana llamada por el Padre en el Espíritu, para celebrar nuestra diversidad y ser fieles discípulos de Jesucristo por la Liturgia, Formación Cristiana y Ministerio.

Somos uma comunidade católica, chamada por Deus Pai no Espírito, para celebrar a nossa diversidade e sermos fiéis discípulos de Jesus Cristo na Liturgia, na Formação Cristã e no Ministério.