Gift of Time


Our time begins at birth and ends on this earth with death. For most, it is about 25,000 days. Our time is precious and cannot be stored up like grain in a barn. Once a moment passes, it is gone forever.

God wants all of us to reach heaven... that is why He created us and why He sent us Jesus. Our life on earth is a pilgrimage towards heaven. Each day, each week, each month and each year we must be progressive on our pilgrimage. We cannot do this unless we give time to God.

Through daily prayer, we develop a close personal relationship with God, sharing with Him our successes and failures, and asking for His guidance in our daily lives. 

Reading Scripture daily helps reflect on God's word. It also tells of God's great love for us.

Assisting individuals and organizations is another way to share our personal time to the glory of God. We also show our love for Him by letting Christ use our feet, hands, our eyes and our voice.

Your gift of time is unique, because you are the 


one who can give it.