CCE Announcements

August is here, Catechism classes starts on the 23th, we are planning to keep the regular registration fee. Parents please take advantage of it as we do not want to leave anybody behind.

Please contact the Catechism office now at 281-931-1884

The Catechism online classes starts on August 23rd. If you still have not registered your child, please come to the Catechism office as soon as possible.

Parents, please bring the white copy paper that we need to run all materials for your child to work at home.

Dear Parishioners: if you would like to support the parish Catechism, please donate white copy paper. Thank you.

Attention: Class of Confirmation I 2019 -2020, do not skip this school year, register now for Confirmation II. All classes will be on line, no class room sessions now it will be either in your computer or phone. Just come to the Catechism office for registration or call if you have any question.

The Catechism program is still taking registration for the 2020-2021 school year. We are planning Home in Family growing in the Faith for all, adapting to the actual situation, Health is first: Be Safe, Stay home. Come or call the Catechism office for more information, 281-931-1884

The Mission of the Catechism is to help everyone to grow in the faith, but that is possible by all those who decide to share the faith with others. The Catechism is in need of more bilingual catechists. Please call or e-mail the catechism office for more information, 281-931-1884.

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the last days we have been experiencing a difficult and worrying situation regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Unfortunately, the whole world has been affected in different ways and in the same way our activities as a Church too.

In order to promote the Catechism this school year 2020-2021 must be given at home in family, we want to offer you electronic resources that can promote your study at home. Registrations are open, please call the catechism office for appointment.

As family of faith in our parish communities and groups, we ask that you closely follow the recommendations of government, state, and local authorities as well as the recommendations made to us by our Bishops and pastors as parishioners in this Archdiocese. Let us pray and we all be safe

For any question please call 281-931-1884

SJN Catechism Team

The Catechism economic fee is applicable until the end of June, please take advantage of it. Registrations is ongoing for all school grades, sacramental preparation for children, teens and adults.

The Catechism is in need of more bilingual catechists. Please call or e-mail the catechism office for more information.

The catechism office is open on the regular schedule time, please see the bulletin or the parish web site for more information.

The Catechism economic fee still until the end of June, please take advantage of it, registrations for all school grades, sacramental preparation for children, teens and adults.

If your child will receive First Communion this coming weekend, please be on time, that will help to your child and your family to get the right spot in to the church. Remember we can have the 25% only of the church capacity per Mass.

Dear Parents,

The Faith Formation, is one of the most important of the integral formation of your children, especially in this time. We would like to be part of the safety actions with you and your family.

St. John Neumann Catechism is offering Home & Family program, in the comfort of your home and in the mandatory safety of this pandemic, stay home.

When you register to your child, we will provide the Classes Calendar, Bible, Student Text book, the link for the parents’ guide for each session or the hard copy if you have no printer at home.

The Catechism team will be providing support by phone or in person by appointment.

To register your children in the Catechism program please call: 281-931-1884

Dear Parents,

On this time of the pandemic we still working depending more and more in the technology. The catechism program needs your help.

Please see the following information and help as to help your children:

Attend Sunday mass, in the regular mass schedule or in line

If your child did not pick up the book and still on behind in the last sessions, the catechism office is open and you can come to get it, they have now the summer to complete the Missing sessions so they will be ready for next school year.

Registrations are open, please call and request the registration packet, pick it up, complete it in your home comfort, and call for appointment registration to review the forms and complete registration.

Our best recommendation is to keep your children in the catechism program every school year they will know and love Jesus. Growing in the faith is our daily challenge, especially on this pandemic time

Easter Blessings!

For more information, please call: 281-931-1884

The Catechism Registrations are open

Dear Parishioners, in the middle of this uncertainty time, just one is always there for us God, we know that at any time of our life He is there for Us, Our Mother Virgin Mary helps Us to present our prayers to Him; Is Our family aware of it? How does our youngest member in the family know that?

We will be happy to help you and to help your family to discover the Faith, to know and love Jesus Christ, to live and make decisions in the holy spirit encouragement.

The St. John Neumann Catechism Registrations are open, From May until August, please call at: 281-931-1884 to set an appointment Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 4:00pm (This information can be change)

To come and pick up the Registrations forms. (Please stay in your car, call us and we will bring the Registration package to you, please wear a mask)

Complete the forms in the comfort of your home.

Call if you have any question, we will happy to assist you.

Book another appointment to bring the paper back with the completed forms and the required documents. (For this appointment is required to wear a mask and gloves)

Absences in the Catechism class

To all Catechism Parents:

Starting this week, all students with 3 absences or more will be removed from the Sacramental preparation class and moved to a regular religious education class. They can start the preparation next school year. For more information, call: 281-931-1884

Spanish FPMC will begin on Monday, January 27 at 7pm at the Marek Hall. If you are not registered yet, please come to the Parish hall after the Mass . Late fee applies on Monday.

Catechetical Modules is a certification requiremnt. We will start at the same time with the FPMC on Monday, January 27. Please register in the parish hall after Mass.

The Kairos Youth Ministry is looking for volunteers to serve in this year's “Call to Be Catholic” retreat. We are looking for people between the ages of 15 and 25 who have either: lived the CBC retreat last year OR received the sacrament of Confirmation. We will have retreat prep meetings every Wednesday beginning January 29th at 6:30 pm. For more information, contact us:, Axel Juarez (281-904-3563), Instagram @sjn_kairos Catechism office 281-931-1884