Welcoming Committee



Welcoming committee is one of the organizations at St. John Neumann Catholic Church. We are people that comes from different cultures and backgrounds. However, our mission as a group is centered on God. Our diversity has a huge impact in the community because we bring in our talents, ideas, and time to serve God and others. In our group, we treat each one as our own family and friends. We meet once a month- every second Tuesday of the month. We recognize and celebrate our monthly birthday celebrant or celebrants as part of our agenda during the meeting. We do a lot of planning on how we can serve well our parish community.

 First, one of the services we do in the parish is doing the monthly coffee and donuts. Every third Sunday of the month, as a group, we offer free coffee and donut every Sunday after masses. Through this coffee and donuts, the community will spend time with family, friends, and meet people in the parish or have fellowship with one another.

Second, we serve as greeters. We stand by the narthex before the mass begins and give a warm welcome to every church goer. We give each individual a friendly and a beautiful smile as a sign of love for them as Jesus shows His love to us. During the mass, we also serve as ushers.

Third, we offer Fitness Night twice a month. One is on Tuesdays in the beginning of the month and the second is on Wednesdays toward the end of the month. Our Fitness Night schedules are posted on the bulletin boards located in the parish hall. It is also published in the weekly parish bulletin. We offer the community- free stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular exercises, and balance activities as well as Zumba.

 In conclusion, we believe that through our services these will bring us to grow in faith and love to our Lord. We work hand in hand for the better in our community and for the glory of God.